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I have been extremely busy, and this upcoming week is going to be no different. I wanted to post a blog though, for I have a LOT to share with you. I havent been able to keep up with taking pictures of my outfits everyday, but here are a few:


Dress-American Apparel. Shoes-Fioni.

Shirt-Old Navy. Black pants I DIY’d to Skinny Jeans-Dickies. Boots-Rampage.

Black Friday was two days ago! I wasn’t able to shop this year due to insufficient funds…but if you did, what did everyone buy!?

I have been thinking/planning about having a “Clothes Swap”. Basically my goal is to get a few girls together, each will bring all of her unwanted clothing to a person’s house, and the girls can either trade clothes or sell/buy clothes from each other. It would be a cheaper alternative to buying brand new clothes, but you still get the chance to change up your wardrobe a little! If anyone is interested, please contact me either on here, or via myspace or twitter. Ill post those links at the end of the blog.

I FINALLY took out my coat I have had on layaway at Burlington for the past 2 months. Here it is!:

Rain coat- Miss Sixty.

I love stores that offer layaway, especially during these tough economic times. I know Marshalls and Burlington are two stores that currently offer it, along with a few small local stores. Marshalls terms are $10 down or 10% whichever is greater, plus a fee for putting things on layaway. In order to make the layaway actually worth it, I would hold $100 or more of merchandise. Burlington just asks for I believe 15% down, and you have 60 days to pay it off.

Here are two other recently purchased items: (BTW, I started my search for some printed/textured tights to go with an outfit that night, and I ended up buying these two things instead :] )



Basic black dress-Target.( A steal for $10.50 on the clearance rack!) Floral print blouse-Marshalls.

I can’t wait to start experimenting with the black dress. There are so many ways you can wear it! It’s good to invest in basic pieces that you can dress up or down, and black items are prime examples of doing that.

Can’t wait to hear from you all! :]





Have you ever wanted to enhance your natural beauty without makeup? Well, now there is a solution..and its CLOTHES! No matter what color eyes, skin tone, or hair color you have, there are certain colors that will make your features pop. Here I’ll help you find what colors best suit you.

First of all, you should determine if you have a warm or cool undertone to your skin. Do this simple test at

If you have Dark skin and brown eyes and warm undertones: Go with earth color tones. Browns, pale greens, oranges, light peaches and camel colors. Colors like grey, navy, and pink will drain the color out of you. Black should be saved for bottoms only.

If you have Light brown hair, light brown eyes, and warm undertones: Go with a pastel range. Ivory, apricot, tan, beige, and medium brown, violet blues and warm golden yellows will really compliment your features. Colors to avoid: Black and wine.

If you have Dark hair, dark eyes, with olive or cool undertones: Go crazy with bright colors, primary colors, rich jewel tones, and black and white.

If you have Light brown hair with light eyes and warm undertones: Earthy tones also work best for you. Stay away from grays, navys and taupes. Black should be worn only on the bottom.

If you have Light to medium brown hair with light eyes and cool or pink undertones: Whites, soft blues, reds, and browns, sky blues, and blue greens. Again, try to limit black to just the bottom half.

If you have Blonde hair and light eyes and either skin tone: I would suggest sticking to neutrals and various browns. Personally, I have blonde hair, blue/green eyes, and a pink/cool undertone and I think white, navy blues, greys, purple, greens of any shade, and yellow look best on me.  I do have a lot of black in my closet, and as long as its not overpowering, I say wear it however you like!



Cardign-Express. Teal top-Forever 21. Tierd skirt-Forever 21.

Jacket-Marshalls. Whit ruffle blouse and tan undershirt-Charlotte Russe.  Jeans-Forever 21. Shoes-Cole Haan.


Being a dancer, I wear tights all the time and have about a million pairs.  I love winter time because I get to mix up the boring black, pink, and tan with crazy colors and prints, even textures. You can pair them with dresses, skirts, and even shorts to transfer your summer wardrobe over to winter. Here are some of my favorite looks:


My outfit 11-18-2009:

Feathered Headband-Red Zone. Top-Charlotte Russe. Multi-jewled Necklace-Forever 21. High-Waisted Shorts-Miley Cryus/Max Azria/Walmart.  

Here are some great sites to purchase tights:

Elegant Fashion:


Urban Outfitters:


I was reminding about the importance of tailoring last week when I went to a friend’s house and tried on a few dresses for a pageant I will be in on Saturday. Although we are very close in size, both dresses I liked were a little big in the bust area.  I went to Desy’s Alterations, a tailor I have been going to for years. She was able to fix them, and they looked great, all for a very reasonable price. For me being 5′ 2″ and under a 100lbs, it is really hard to find clothes that fit properly. If there is something I really love that doesn’t fit me quite right, I buy it anyways and take it to Desy’s.

Attention Jimmy Choo fans: the designer has launched a label for H&M! Debuting yesterday, it includes not only shoes, but handbags, accessories, and even a women’s line. Shoes range from $60-$200 a pair. Here are some of my favorites from the collection:

Here are my recent purchases:

Red Coat and Black Silk Blouse-Red Zone. Sequin Shirt-Melrose.


Outfit 11/15/2009


Jacket-Ross. Purple Shirt-Charlotte Russe. Jeans-JC Penny. Shoes-Cole Haan.


(White button down- Express. Skirt- Forever 21. Black cardign- Marshalls. Belt- Forever 21.)

As my outfit conveys, I love working with a monochromatic scheme. Most of my closet is made up of black, white, and gray clothes. A great website for great adding more of these colors to your wardrobe is  home.jsp. However, I love to add a pop of color(in this case the belt. My toes are also hot pink :] ) It could also be a bag, a cardign, or even your shoes.  Also, dont keep the monochromatic craze to just black, white and gray.


 Try experimenting with other colors such as yellow, like Emma’s character on Glee.