Have you ever wanted to enhance your natural beauty without makeup? Well, now there is a solution..and its CLOTHES! No matter what color eyes, skin tone, or hair color you have, there are certain colors that will make your features pop. Here I’ll help you find what colors best suit you.

First of all, you should determine if you have a warm or cool undertone to your skin. Do this simple test at http://www.ehow.com/how_4703222_have-warm-cool-skin-tone.html.

If you have Dark skin and brown eyes and warm undertones: Go with earth color tones. Browns, pale greens, oranges, light peaches and camel colors. Colors like grey, navy, and pink will drain the color out of you. Black should be saved for bottoms only.

If you have Light brown hair, light brown eyes, and warm undertones: Go with a pastel range. Ivory, apricot, tan, beige, and medium brown, violet blues and warm golden yellows will really compliment your features. Colors to avoid: Black and wine.

If you have Dark hair, dark eyes, with olive or cool undertones: Go crazy with bright colors, primary colors, rich jewel tones, and black and white.

If you have Light brown hair with light eyes and warm undertones: Earthy tones also work best for you. Stay away from grays, navys and taupes. Black should be worn only on the bottom.

If you have Light to medium brown hair with light eyes and cool or pink undertones: Whites, soft blues, reds, and browns, sky blues, and blue greens. Again, try to limit black to just the bottom half.

If you have Blonde hair and light eyes and either skin tone: I would suggest sticking to neutrals and various browns. Personally, I have blonde hair, blue/green eyes, and a pink/cool undertone and I think white, navy blues, greys, purple, greens of any shade, and yellow look best on me.  I do have a lot of black in my closet, and as long as its not overpowering, I say wear it however you like!



Cardign-Express. Teal top-Forever 21. Tierd skirt-Forever 21.

Jacket-Marshalls. Whit ruffle blouse and tan undershirt-Charlotte Russe.  Jeans-Forever 21. Shoes-Cole Haan.