I have been extremely busy, and this upcoming week is going to be no different. I wanted to post a blog though, for I have a LOT to share with you. I havent been able to keep up with taking pictures of my outfits everyday, but here are a few:


Dress-American Apparel. Shoes-Fioni.

Shirt-Old Navy. Black pants I DIY’d to Skinny Jeans-Dickies. Boots-Rampage.

Black Friday was two days ago! I wasn’t able to shop this year due to insufficient funds…but if you did, what did everyone buy!?

I have been thinking/planning about having a “Clothes Swap”. Basically my goal is to get a few girls together, each will bring all of her unwanted clothing to a person’s house, and the girls can either trade clothes or sell/buy clothes from each other. It would be a cheaper alternative to buying brand new clothes, but you still get the chance to change up your wardrobe a little! If anyone is interested, please contact me either on here, or via myspace or twitter. Ill post those links at the end of the blog.

I FINALLY took out my coat I have had on layaway at Burlington for the past 2 months. Here it is!:

Rain coat- Miss Sixty.

I love stores that offer layaway, especially during these tough economic times. I know Marshalls and Burlington are two stores that currently offer it, along with a few small local stores. Marshalls terms are $10 down or 10% whichever is greater, plus a fee for putting things on layaway. In order to make the layaway actually worth it, I would hold $100 or more of merchandise. Burlington just asks for I believe 15% down, and you have 60 days to pay it off.

Here are two other recently purchased items: (BTW, I started my search for some printed/textured tights to go with an outfit that night, and I ended up buying these two things instead :] )



Basic black dress-Target.( A steal for $10.50 on the clearance rack!) Floral print blouse-Marshalls.

I can’t wait to start experimenting with the black dress. There are so many ways you can wear it! It’s good to invest in basic pieces that you can dress up or down, and black items are prime examples of doing that.

Can’t wait to hear from you all! :]