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Bravo’s new show, Launch My Line. It’s about people who have no idea how to sew or basically any real knowledge about fashion that want to start their own fashion line. The contestants all have various careers such as architect and a an art vendor. They are each paired with an expert who helps them come up with a concept for their line, helps them design, sew, and put together the outfits. Hosted by Dean and Dan of Dsquared, you can catch the show on Thursday nights!



I’ve seen their clothes and acsessories mentioned in magazines all the time, but never put the effort into checking out the website until today. The clothes are fantastic! The jewelry is fantastic! And they have some pretty good shoes too. The only thing I would say is that they carry brands that are a little pricier to what I normally pay for clothes on a regular basis, but I definately wouldn’t mind splurging on a few investment pieces from there.

So go do some online window shopping 🙂