So last night I started packing for San Fran. I will probably never be a light packer, by the way. Every since I was little I always, always, always overpacked for any trip, whether it be for 2 days or four. This time is no different. Since my boyfriend says that all he needs is a carry on, I have the brilliant idea of taking two suitcases, and giving him one as “his” luggage. Perfect right? WRONG! I havent flown in about a year and I guess the airlines changed their policies about baggage. So now, instead of having one checked baggage and one carry on free, they are charging up to $30 for any checked baggage! Now that my genuis plan is ruined, I have to reorganize and rethink my luggage situation. Here are some tips from your truly that I will use tonight when it comes to downsizing your on-the-go wardrobe:

  1. Bring a few outfits you KNOW you are going to wear, and limit your extra options to only 2 or three items.
  2. If you are traveling someplace cold, go with two pairs of jeans that go with everything. You can always wash them :]
  3. Just in case, bring a simple, but dressy outfit. A cute dress and heels are compact and work with any occasion.
  4. Limit your shoes to two or three pairs, TOPS. Again, ones that go with everything.
  5. Accessories are great, but you probably wont end up wearing half the stuff you bring. Bring a few key pieces and leave it at that.
  6. Remember, you will probably be going shopping, so leave enough room to bring back new things and avoid overweight baggage fees.
  7. Put all of your PJ’s and underclothes in your carry on, and maybe a shirt or two just in case your baggage gets lost.
  8. Also when traveling to a colder place, wear the coat you will be using most when you travel. That way you save weight and space :]

I can’t wait to see what SF’s fashion is like and post pictures for all of you to see.

These are some of the “trends” I will try while up there:

  • Leather with floral
  • High bun
  • And maybe more!

By the way, my FIDM tour is scheduled at 5:45 so no more rushing. (Thank goodness!) My boyfriend and I will also be touring the Art Institute campus up there, just to keep our options opened.

I wont be posting another entry till sometime next week, so stay tuned and safe travels!