The trip, in one word was, AMAZING. I have fallen in love with the city and everything about it. The FIDM tour was a lot of fun. Did you know the school is located right above Ben Sherman, and is basically in the heart of the Union Square fashion district? It is located on the top floors, and each floor is dedicated to a few different majors. The very top of the building is there coveted library. (Which I was unable to see because the tour was late and the student were on Spring Break :[ ) My tour guide was so nice and helpful and was really encouraging. I was able to take home a huge packet of information to look over before I made my final decision.

On Friday, Daniel and I toured the Art Institute. Their campus is located a couple blocks away from FIDM, so whichever school I choose, it will be the same distance. They actually have two different buildings right next to each other. We each had our own individual counselor, but then explored the campus together. We went over the fashion level first, and though it had similar characteristics to FIDM, the projects that were displayed were not all that impressive. One thing I did like about AI, was their equipment and classrooms. They have state of the art MACS and PC’s, about 20 body forms in each classroom, and numerous tables to work on. FIDM’s classrooms seemed a little outdated and highschool-ish.

After going through the cirriculum and packets that we recieved from each school,  Daniel and I finally made our decision. I want to apply for FIDM, and Daniel is going to apply for AI. FIDM just seems like a better fit for me. The cirriculum and the great number of success stories alone had my approval from the beginning. After the tour, I knew it was where I wanted to be. The campus in SF only has 1500 students, compared to the 4500 in LA. San Francisco is a big, little city.  It offers a lot of things to do, great shopping, and an exciting atmosphere, but it isnt too crowded or scary.

Originally our plan was to move up there by January of 2011, but we have extended that till August of 2011. My advisor still suggests that I apply now, because tuition rates will increase May 1st. So I will end up doing that shortly!

PS- I am no longer going to apply for Visual Communications. Fashion Design is what I’m really interested in, and my tour guide helped me realize that!

PSS- I signed up for some sewing classes through Jo-Ann’s, and my first one is Tuesday. I’ll let you know how it goes and I will post pictures of what we made.

Time for new TRENDS!


While I was in San Francisco, I noticed A. Everyone dresses nice, B. All the girls have a unique style, and C. Boots with leggings are EVERYWHERE. Since the weather is pretty chilly all year round, going bare legged isnt really an option. This trend is relative to their climate, and there are so many ways you can try it; although for practicallity, I would go with flat boots and something that you are going to be comfortable in all day.

Here are some trends you can try, no matter where you live:

  • Tribal is still really big, along with nuetrals
  • Add more edge to your outfits with chains, studs, and other embellishments and carry these into summer.
  • Fuschia is THE color this spring. Try the trend via lipstick and nail polish.
  • Floral prints are still going strong, so try them out in cool, funky ways.
  • Jean material is being reinvented and popping up in different pieces.
  • Natural is the new sexy. This refers to makeup, hair, and neutral, soft clothes.

See what I bought in San Francisco in my next blog post!