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It saddens me to say that we have decided to not attend Warped Tour in Phoenix this year. Nevertheless, I have completed my romper anyways. I am pretty happy with the results, especially this is only my second actual piece of clothing I have constructed.

Here is the pattern I used:


I made the outfit in the upper right-hand corner

 It took me approximately one week, with lots of breaks and days off in  between. The instructions were very confusing to me! I looked at them and tried to comprehend(other reviews have said they were very easy), but it didn’t work. What I ended up doing was looking at the order the pattern went it, construction wise, and used common sense to put everything together. I actually had to run back to JoAnns and purchase another 1 yard 1/2  of fabric since I cut the pieces out wrong. However, I learned from my mistake and ended up cutting out whole pieces(one big back piece and one front) instead of four separate pieces. Since I altered the pattern by not putting elastic in the waistband, I had to tailor the top so it would fit a little tighter which caused me slight difficulty. I also made the romper my own by not putting pockets and adding the ruffles, buttons, and straps to the outfit. I think the total cost including fabric and accessories was around $25. The fabric was on sale both times(30% off I believe) and I ended up using a coupon for the lace($1.99 a yard) and accessories(buttons were $1.90 for 3).

Enjoy and tell me what you think! I’ll be adding more photos when I wear it out so you can see it in action.



On my last shopping excursion, and a few others before it, I have noticed certain items can be found in mulitple stores. At a recent trip to Burlington Coat Factory, I found these cute sandals for only $10.

A few days later I was strolling through Target and stumbled upon these ALMOST EXACT lookalikes.

Notice the price difference?

This has happened before with other clothing items found at Dillards(then cheaper at Marshalls!) and other stores. My new rule: If I find something I like that is expensive, look around at other stores to see if you can find something cheaper and just as cute! Most of the time, you will. I have even resorted to shopping online and have found great deals that can save me a lot of money.

 Here are my favorite “Dress for Less” stores:

  • Marshalls/TJ Maxx
  • Ross(Usually for purses)
  • Burlington Coat Factory
  • Target
  • Red Zone/FACI


At the end of this month, and every month from here on, I will be adding a “Lookbook” post. This will display a number of my outfits throughout the month, showings trends I have tried and even things I have made.

Speaking of outfits, I am planning a major one at the moment. A few friends and I have decided to attend Warped Tour in Phoenix this year..and it is in less than two weeks! I went a few years back so I know the basics of what to wear and what not to wear. Since the whole “scene/band” look isnt really my style, I am wanting to wear a romper. It comfortable, not a dress, but still suits my girly preference. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find one that I like. Even after searching online, I have ended empty-handed. Then, a brilliant idea hit me: I’ll make my own! I recently purchased a few patterns(JoAnns was having an awesome Memorial Day sale that offers 5 Simplicty Patterns for $5), and one of them included a romper. Now the hardest thing is going to be finding the right fabric, and making it in such short amount of time. I was also thinking about making my own bag that I can wear across my body(best type for concerts so it can’t be stolen!), but I havent come to a conclusion about that yet.

To JoAnns I go!!



The Tony Awards were last night(my personal favorite awards show), and here are my best dressed from the evening:

Who do you think shined on the red carpet?


I am in the works of a new sewing project. This time it is for my friend who will be having a baby boy any day now! I decided to make her a cute baby bib; something handmade and useful. (Which is always the key to handmade gifts.) I will post pictures and maybe a tutorial if I get enough requests to do so once I have completed it.


I believe fashion is not a word that should be associated with just clothes and accessories. To me, fashion is a broader term that encompasses not only these two things, but hair and makeup as well. Now that summer is in full force, my daily routines in these areas have changed as well as my wardrobe. It is time to look for new scents, makeup that lasts longer through the heat, and hair styles that are as simple as they are cute.

These are some of my new favorite finds for under $25 that I’ll be using over the next few months:


Rimmel Natural Bronzer in 021(Sunlight)– It has natural minerals and blends in perfectly. This never leaves my side in the summer. Since my face is slightly paler than the rest of my body, this adds a nice sunkissed glow. $5.50

Liplicious Tasty Lip Color in Passionfruit Guava– This lipgloss from Bath and Body works has the right amount of color with an added bonus: it tastes as good as it smells and looks! The passionfruit is my particular favorite, but they have a variety of colors and scents. $5


Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Soap in Tropical Papaya– Another Bath and Body Works find, this liquid hand soap is just one of these new scents that have been added to their collection. I usually prefer foam soap, but this one leaves my hands soft and smelling good for hours. $5

Olay Microdermabrasion and Peel Kit- Now that summer is here, so are the days of makeup-free, au naturale skin. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with flawless tan skin. I decided to pick this kit up to lighten some scarring and even out my skin tone. I have had about 6 sessions(twice a week) and can already see a big improvement. (The kit suggests at least 8 treatments to see results) The whole process only takes about 3 minutes, and you can choose to do them twice or once a week. It is very easy on my skin and I haven’t had anything but good things come out of using it. $23


Tresemme Freshstart Dry Shampoo– Though the rage about dry shampoo has been skyrocketed in the past year, this product has been around much longer than that. Almost every hair company has their own version now, but as a girl on a budget, I was relieved and ecstatic when I found out that Tresemme was releasing one too. Dry shampoos come in either a spray or powder form(I prefer spray). This product is a spray and does the job in no time flat with no messy powders getting all over your clothes and face. $5.50

Revlon Perfect Heat Ceramic 1 1/2 inch Curling Iron- This has been a long time favorite after a friend suggested it to me. My hair is fairly straight and can never hold a curl for longer than 5 minutes, but this product has been a breakthrough. It has 20 heat settings(I always keep it on 30) and heats up in only 60 seconds. Taylor Swift is a fan of this product too! $13


What are your summer beauty “Must Haves”?


The CFDA’s were last night, and here are the 2010 winners:

  • Marc Jacobs for Womenswear Designer of the Year
  • Rag & Bone for Menswear Designer of the Year
  • Alexis Bittar for Accessory Designer of the Year
  • Michael Kors recieved the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Acheivement Award

To check out all of the winners, please visit

After reading the June/July issue of Teen Vogue, a particular article ignited my curiosity. It is under the “VIEW” section that you can find four influential and prominent fashion bloggers featured in the magazine. Being a fellow Blog-inista, I decided to check these ladies out and find out what special traits they had that landed them their own spread. They are now all under my favorites bar, and I reference their sites for inspiration daily. Check out each of their own unique and limited time bags they made for Coach here!

I have recently become a member of a few online sewing and craft websites. My favorite at the moment is Craftster. It caters to a wide range of crafts, and offers message board forums in each subject to post your projects for others to see, get advice from other members, and so much more. They also offer contests every now and then. Currently, they have a contest for “Craftiest Tattoo” and “Most Creative Sheet Clothing”. and are also other recent favorites of mine. These sites offer tutorials and even online sewing classes.

Go check them out! I want to know what kinds of crafts you have made.


Since I wrote my last blog entry, I have taken three sewing classes through JoAnns. Let me just tell you, I AM ADDICTED!

 Here are the things I have made so far through the classes:



I also attempted to make a dress for my neice. This is how it turned out!:

And here is what I made in my last JoAnns class:



This Saturday is their 50% classes day from 1-3pm. If you go in during those times and sign up for a class, they will be half off. So go out and sign up for something you have always wanted to learn how to do!