On my last shopping excursion, and a few others before it, I have noticed certain items can be found in mulitple stores. At a recent trip to Burlington Coat Factory, I found these cute sandals for only $10.

A few days later I was strolling through Target and stumbled upon these ALMOST EXACT lookalikes.

Notice the price difference?

This has happened before with other clothing items found at Dillards(then cheaper at Marshalls!) and other stores. My new rule: If I find something I like that is expensive, look around at other stores to see if you can find something cheaper and just as cute! Most of the time, you will. I have even resorted to shopping online and have found great deals that can save me a lot of money.

 Here are my favorite “Dress for Less” stores:

  • Marshalls/TJ Maxx
  • Ross(Usually for purses)
  • Burlington Coat Factory
  • Target
  • Red Zone/FACI


At the end of this month, and every month from here on, I will be adding a “Lookbook” post. This will display a number of my outfits throughout the month, showings trends I have tried and even things I have made.

Speaking of outfits, I am planning a major one at the moment. A few friends and I have decided to attend Warped Tour in Phoenix this year..and it is in less than two weeks! I went a few years back so I know the basics of what to wear and what not to wear. Since the whole “scene/band” look isnt really my style, I am wanting to wear a romper. It comfortable, not a dress, but still suits my girly preference. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find one that I like. Even after searching online, I have ended empty-handed. Then, a brilliant idea hit me: I’ll make my own! I recently purchased a few patterns(JoAnns was having an awesome Memorial Day sale that offers 5 Simplicty Patterns for $5), and one of them included a romper. Now the hardest thing is going to be finding the right fabric, and making it in such short amount of time. I was also thinking about making my own bag that I can wear across my body(best type for concerts so it can’t be stolen!), but I havent come to a conclusion about that yet.

To JoAnns I go!!