It saddens me to say that we have decided to not attend Warped Tour in Phoenix this year. Nevertheless, I have completed my romper anyways. I am pretty happy with the results, especially this is only my second actual piece of clothing I have constructed.

Here is the pattern I used:


I made the outfit in the upper right-hand corner

 It took me approximately one week, with lots of breaks and days off in  between. The instructions were very confusing to me! I looked at them and tried to comprehend(other reviews have said they were very easy), but it didn’t work. What I ended up doing was looking at the order the pattern went it, construction wise, and used common sense to put everything together. I actually had to run back to JoAnns and purchase another 1 yard 1/2  of fabric since I cut the pieces out wrong. However, I learned from my mistake and ended up cutting out whole pieces(one big back piece and one front) instead of four separate pieces. Since I altered the pattern by not putting elastic in the waistband, I had to tailor the top so it would fit a little tighter which caused me slight difficulty. I also made the romper my own by not putting pockets and adding the ruffles, buttons, and straps to the outfit. I think the total cost including fabric and accessories was around $25. The fabric was on sale both times(30% off I believe) and I ended up using a coupon for the lace($1.99 a yard) and accessories(buttons were $1.90 for 3).

Enjoy and tell me what you think! I’ll be adding more photos when I wear it out so you can see it in action.