This weekend I have decided to take things easy so I can catch up on the little things. Whether you’re lounging about or are planning a fun-filled weekend, make time to check out this awesome website I stumbled upon recently: Nasty Gal.  The name sounds wierd, I know, but the clothes are fantastic! They offer numerous labels from MinkPink to Cheap Monday, and they even have a Vintage section. The prices are fairly reasonable, and the color palate is predominately black and white. All of their pieces are classic, casual, and sexy.

Having said that, I continue on to my next fashion related story. I will be turning 20 in about a month and with age comes more mature personal style. Usually I like to stick to the casual, yet dressy look. This has served me well for about a year or two, but now my style knowledge has grown and I want to show it. With a new semester for school coming up soon, I am hoping to transform my look slightly going for a more grown up, style savvy, with a little edge kind of vibe. I also want to stick with a natural look when it comes to hair and makeup. I’ve noticed in this department, less is more, especially for school when you want something mess free that will last all day.

What kind of look do you want to show off this fall at school?

I am starting my B2S wardrobe hunt a little early by going on a thrift store adventure this weekend. Now that I have some basic sewing knowledge, these places are great to find pieces that can be transformed into something chic and unique. Also, I am dying to add some new jewelry pieces to my (lacking) collection. I’ll post my finds on the next entry.

After finishing the baby bib(which is almost done by the way!) I will be taking a break from normal sewing projects and diving head first into costume making. Like I mentioned earlier, my birthday is soon, and the theme is Heaven and Hell. I’m going to be dressed as an angel, and my fellow birthday girl Stephanie will representing the hell side. I searched the internet for premade costumes, but I could not find anything that suited my tastes…so guess what! I am making my own costume. After this endeavour, most of my time will be focused on making costumes for a musical I am co-directing. In the midst of these two I will somehow start making Halloween costumes for my boyfriend and myself. This year we decided to go as “Old School” Robin and Bat Girl. So excited!

Have a fun weekend, and take some time to relax a little!