As promised, here is what I found this weekend while vintage shopping.


Three belts, a necklace, and a quilted purse.


Banana Republic shorts, and a navy pencil skirt.


Cashmere peach top, cream lace Covington blouse. Black satin G.A.S tuxedo jacket.


Keds tennis shoes, and Partners motorcycle boots.

We only ended up going to two stores(Salvation Army and Goodwill), since our first choice was closed. All together I spent a whopping $28.44! Goodwill was having a 50% sale off their pink colored tags, which a couple of my choices fell into that category. The boots ended up being half off as well, since they were at Week 25.

I am only having to alter two of the items: the tuxedo jacket and the shorts. I didn’t find a lot of jewelry as you can see, so next time I go that will be my main focus.

Can’t wait to incorporate these items into my looks. Happy Thrifting!