I’ve decided to add two new kindss of post to my usual fashion updates. The first is “Now Reading“, which you guessed it, displays my current literary choice. I’ve always loved to read, but sometimes it gets pushes aside just because I am so busy doing everything else. Now that it’s summer, I’ve found the time to finally find some good reads. Most of my choices come from the local libraries and vary in subject. Lately, the most common areas of interest are fashion/sewing, dance, and theater.

You should know this about me now: I love anything that has to do with the performing arts. This is a relatively new passion of mine, beginning my freshman year of high school. That’s when I took my first dance class(besides a few months in the 4th grade. I dropped out because the teacher said I had to be able to do the spilts in a certain amount of time and I knew that wasnt going to happen :P). Ever since then, I have fell in love. I started taking studio classes the end of my sophmore year, and I’ve been a dance company member ever since. However, in February I had to leave the company because of school, but I am still taking classes here and there.

Singing didn’t become a real hobby until the end of my sophmore year as well. I saw a flyer around school looking for people to audition for the best choir group at the school, Royalaires. I convinced my friend to audition with me and we both got in. Well, not into Royalaires, but into the second best, Madrigals, which is an all girl choir. The next year, and the year after, we were both in Royalaires. When I started going to college, I was aware that they also had a performing choir group, Chamber Singers, which I was in for one semester. (Would have been longer but my Theatre classes took precedence!) Singing is a part of my daily routine.

Musical theatre came into my life when I discovered that I could make a living doing the two things I loved. This is when I decided I wanted to attend AMDA. Unfortunately, since I started my training late, I know I can not make a career out of this, so my second choice was fashion design. In the meantime(I’m currently co-directing a musical at the community college), and hopefully throughout the rest of my life, I will continue to be apart of this exciting genre.

Now to the book:

P.S- Love the little jazz hands :]

Inside this book you’ll discover the history and success behind the performing arts camp, Stagedoor Manor. Numerous now famous actors and singers have attended this summer camp such as Mandy Moore, Lea Michelle, and Natalie Portman. It is THE theatre camp of camps worldwide. Mickey Rapkin follows three campers attending their last summer at Stagedoor and writes about their experience. I’ve only read till page 27, so I can’t give you a full review on the book just yet!

If you’re interested I purchased this on Amazon for $13.99.

I have also recently read this book:

Rose Eichenbaum compiled this book of her favorite dancers and interviewed and photographed them. Among them found in the book are Ethan Stiefel, Cynthia Gregory, Natalia Makarova, and Mikhail Baryshnikov. I learned about many famous dancers I had never even heard of before, and more about those I had. She asks them about their experience with dance, how their careers started, etc. It is a great read if you are a dancer or just enjoy the craft.

The other new posts you’ll be seeing is a series called “My Picks of the Week”. Or month, haven’t decided yet! These will feature my finds and products I have tried, or would like to try, that catch my eye and feel that you should know about. Keep an eye out for it!