I’ve always been a fan of adding that special touch to a piece of clothing or accessory to make it “yours”, or creating something that only you will have.  This idea has now translated over to jewelry making. As I was browsing through JoAnns a few weeks ago, I decicded to give their jewlery section a look. I ended up walking out with two necklace pieces and a chain. Since then, I have made three of my own necklaces…it’s addicting and so easy!

You will be able to see these pieces in my July lookbook which I will be posting next week.

Another DIY project I am interested in doing is Tye Dye (And no, not the typical hippie print style). The ombre trend is still hanging on and can be seen into the fall season. I would love to achieve a classic, creatively placed dye job, like this:

(This was posted by ediefashion on Craftster and comes with a turorial on how to achieve this look.)

I was also inspired by this top as well:

(Posted by solsticecusp on the same website.)


What are some of your favorite DIY projects?