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As part of a birthday tradition my friends and I established a few years back, I went on a little shopping trip out of town to visit one of my favorite stores..Forever 21. They have beautiful clothes, great selection, and even greater prices! I also love that they now have a variety of lines under the one name, so they have something for you no matter what your style is.

I managed to aquire almost everything off of my “Back to School” list. Here is what I puchased:

Animal print flats– I ended up buying these off Ebay. I had a gut feeling I wasnt going to find anything in the stores I liked, so I took a chance and ordered these…and I am so glad I did! I love that they are pointed toe(a MUST for petites), and that they aren’t too over the top or too boring.

Leather bag- Leather is a HUGE trend for fall, as is red, so a red leather tote bag would be perfect for B2S. However, I ended up renting this on Avelle( The red Michael Kors bag I really wanted was out of stock, so I’ll have to wait list it. It’s still leather, and you can never go wrong with a classic black bag.

Vintage inspired jewelry- I couldn’t find “vintage style” accessories, so I went with classic. Here are my purchases, all from Forever 21

Polished bottoms- I honestly can’t stand to wear denim shorts. They exude casual (which my style really isnt), it’s hard to make them work appropriate, and to fit my waist I usually have to buy ones that show off half of my backside(not classy). Luckily I found a pair of black rayon shorts with ruffles on the bottom and a tie waist. I also found a suede tan skirt with a simple bow in front. It is almost always too hot to wear jeans, but I decided to start planning for fall so I picked up a pair on stretchy dark denim skinnys and a pair of nice black dress pants.

Day dress– Although it says it’s a tunic, I can get away with wearing it as a dress since I’m quite petite. It is very school appropriate, and can easily transition into fall with some tights, a cute loose shrug, and a belt. There are so many ways to wear this, which made it a definate must-have. I found it in a deep cranberry color which I love!



(Left to Right: Top-Wet Seal. Blouse-Forever 21.)

I unfortunately couldn’t find the wedges, which I was really looking forward to buying. I’ll continue the search online and around town. I still have more money to spend!

Show me your back to school purchases!



Last week, the contestants of Project Runway were challenged to make a look that personifies the Marie Claire woman. The winner’s look will be featured in Time Square. Here were my favorites:

Michael Costello

Ivy Higa




On Wednesday the 11th, I will begin my back to school shopping(It’s also my birthday!). So I will be looking for key items to incorporate into my wardrobe and of course a super cute birthday outfit. These are a few things in particular that I will be looking for:

  • Red leather bag
  • Brown, low heel wedges
  • Animal print flats
  • Polished pants/shorts
  • Vintage inspired necklaces
  • Day dress/Romper

What are some of your essential back to school items?


After a long relaxing, vacation-filled summer, a particular time of year is quickly approaching. When stores start displaying folders, backpacks, and deals on mini laptops, you know school will be starting soon! Going back to school has always had a different meaning for me. It isn’t about what I am going to learn in class or seeing all of my friends again. It was about doing those things in style. I see the beginning of the year as a opprotunity to reinvent myself; inside and out. For all of you fashionably conscience ladies, and guys! out there who already have a page worth of must have back to school items, you know that you can’t come back in just any old clothes, let alone be seen around campus wearing the same thing as someone else. 

Buying online can be scary, but there is a really good chance no one else will have it. AND, you can find exactly what you want without driving from store to store wasting gas and time.

To help with you B2S journey, I recommend trying a few of these ONLINE websites.

Bluenotes Stores – This site is primarily known for their jeans, but I happened to stumble upon it through WhoWhatWear after recommending a cute $10 romper. The selection isn’t too expansive, but they have great deals on casual items of clothing. Their jean selection is something worth checking out though!

Fred Flare – After seeing this name numerous times in Seventeen, I decided to check it out myself. The price range is slightly higher than Bluenotes, but they have a wider selection and nice quality of clothes. I also love that they have cute, quirky items for dorms or even fun gag gifts.

Avelle  – Previously Bag, Borrow, or Steal, this website has recently gone under a different name. Here is how the website works: You pay an annual fee, and each week, month, or season, you can rent as many top designer handbags(and other items) as you want! They have hundreds of bags to choose from, for all price ranges and you can select your rental time. However, on top of the annual fee, you pay for your rental time. Depending on what kind of bag it is, the price will vary. This is actually a great deal, trust! Right now, they are offering an awesome deal. For $60(one year fee), the site will give you an extra $60 in rewards money towards your first rental on the site. I have found bags for only $35 a month, so that is like getting two months of rental for free! You can also look into purchasing your rental. Another great deal they throw in? Shipping is absolutely free. :] You can show off a new designer handbag every month, without shelling out all the cash.

Zara – I discovered this site by reading Fierce Style, but I had seen it mentioned before in Extra Petite’s blog. The clothes are expensive looking, yet casual. The price range is a little high on some items, but others have really great deals on them. Currently, they do not have an online store until September 2nd. Check the store locator to find retailers near you.



Fierce Style by Christian Siriano

In 2008, Christian Siriano became the new winner of Project Runway. On the show he was an instant favorite because of his cocky yet funny personality. His clothes made then and even now, were a true expression of himself and showcased that this ball of energy had a lot of talent. On October 6, 2009, only a year later, his very first book was released. I have only recently stumbled upon this, but it couldnt have come at a more perfect time. Fierce Style is all of Christians do’s, dont’s and tips on style and fierceness, inside and out. He offers advice to a wide range of readers, such as those with a budget and different body types. He is as funny and amazing in the book as he was on the show. (He even has his own dictionary in the back of the book!).  Check out his own website here, where you can purchase and view his collections.

Speaking of Project Runway…the new season premiered last week! In just the first episode, the contestants were thrown not one, but two huge twists their way. I wanted McKell to stay, but here were my favorites from the runway show:

Christopher Collins

Gretchen Jones(Winner!)

Michael Costello

Who were your favorites?