I’ve never been a fan of making New Years Resolutions, let alone keeping them. This year I have changed my outlook on the subject entirely and have vowed to make a resolution that will define 2011. I am committing this year to ME and my GOALS. What are your NYR’s?

My final semester of school begins Monday, and I cannot explain how excited I am for it to come to an end. While balancing school, I have been offered a great new opportunity with the Theatre Department there. For the length of this semester, I will be the official costumer for all of the shows put on by AWC Theatre. Our main stage production, Queen Lear(an adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear), is what I am looking forward to most. We have been lucky enough to have a ton of Renaissance style patterns donated to us, which I can’t wait to look to through!

While I will be focusing on acing my last semester of school, a big portion of my time will also be spent on applying to FIDM and moving to San Francisco in late August/early September. This year is going to be full of change and new experiences.

I will also be blogging more and updating my admission process to the school and the journey along the way. Stay tuned for more posts and make this year the best you one that you possibly can!