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This past weekend I visited El Centro’s Imperial Valley Mall to find some new clothing and jewelry items for my Spring wardrobe. I was hoping to find some pieces with really great prints along with a couple of statement necklaces/earrings. These two trends, along with bright colors for Summer and Spring, are all lacking in my current closet. This is also a chance for me to step outside my fashion comfort zone and create some new looks. 

I have been searching for a striped top for a very long time. I preferably wanted one in dark blue, which is what I thought I bought until I was back home. It’s actually black, but I am still happy I purchased it. Next time, if you are unsure about a color being exactly what you want, buy it and take it outside to see the color better. Store lighting can be deceiving!

The one thing I love most about shopping isn’t the actual process, but wearing the new things I have bought. I am always very anxious to try to mix them into what I already own, so here is my outfit for Wednesday, February 23rd:

Shirt and shorts: Forever 21. Tights: ASOS. Shoes: Payless.



NY Fashion Week for Fall 2011 concluded last week, and I was able to get a sneak peek thanks to @mystyle on Twitter providing a plethora of runway photos! From Michael Kors to Marchesa, I began to notice a good amount of consistent trends that we can expect for Fall 2011.

  • Cobalt blue and jewel tones (Mustard, Emerald, Rust, and Purple) were go to color choices
  • Winter always means lots of holiday parties, so its no surprise that many of the looks were inspired by this
  • Lots of fur, feathers, and leopard print make a comeback
  • The sheer trend of Spring and Summer continues into Fall as well
  • Colorblocking is also a consistent trend that will carry throughout the year

While taking these new trends into consideration and looking through old magazines for more inspiration for my mood board, I noticed that trends are recycled and reused again for at least a year. For example, in the Spring of 2010, bright colors and tribal prints were some of the top trends for young adult females. Fast forward to Spring 2011, and you can still see magazines promoting the same kind of fashion. I believe this is a smart idea for a couple of reasons. People like to buy things that are current and keep up with the trends. Most people on the other hand, cannot afford to constantly change their wardrobe just because magazines tell them to. By recycling trends for a period of about a year, those with an average income can keep wearing their “in season” items over and over by just reinventing the way you wore it the previous year. With this is mind I take reinvention as a challenge to create brand new outfits without spending any money. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

I have been trying out new things on a smaller scale, my nails! Getting manicures have become my newest addiction, and buying new nail polish is like shopping for clothes, but a lot cheaper! It can update a regular outfit in seconds. My nails for this week:

Left: Wet n Wild Megalast Nail color in “Under Your Spell” and Wet n Wild FastDry nail color in “Party of Five Glitters


It’s been a little over a week since my “inspirational” rant and I can’t seem to get it off of my mind. I did make some progress with my board and sketches, but there was a constant gut feeling I had that would not go away. Even though I liked my sketches and overall idea, I had to listen to my instinct and scratch the whole idea. Most of the time this feeling turns out to be correct, so I try to listen to my inner voice as much as possible.

I had another theme in mind for a majority of the time while working on previous board, which is now what I am going to pursue with full force. I have decided to look around me, literally, for inspiration. Living in Arizona, I get to experience amazing sunsets and landscapes that aren’t present in most other states. I believe this will provide a unique advantage to other applicants.

So far, I have found a lot of different mediums to use for the board at JoAnns. While there today, I purchased this book:

It comes with 15 full-size patterns for one piece items, such as a shirt, dress, cape, skirt, etc. It provides directions and even offers tips for variations of the garment, all for $20! Can’t wait to put this book to use!