This past weekend I visited El Centro’s Imperial Valley Mall to find some new clothing and jewelry items for my Spring wardrobe. I was hoping to find some pieces with really great prints along with a couple of statement necklaces/earrings. These two trends, along with bright colors for Summer and Spring, are all lacking in my current closet. This is also a chance for me to step outside my fashion comfort zone and create some new looks. 

I have been searching for a striped top for a very long time. I preferably wanted one in dark blue, which is what I thought I bought until I was back home. It’s actually black, but I am still happy I purchased it. Next time, if you are unsure about a color being exactly what you want, buy it and take it outside to see the color better. Store lighting can be deceiving!

The one thing I love most about shopping isn’t the actual process, but wearing the new things I have bought. I am always very anxious to try to mix them into what I already own, so here is my outfit for Wednesday, February 23rd:

Shirt and shorts: Forever 21. Tights: ASOS. Shoes: Payless.