I want to apologize for the lapse in blog posts as these past few weeks have been insanely hectic! From making costumes for the play at my college(post to come soon :]), to my parents moving out and new roommates moving in, and everything in between, I have not even touched my computer.

To make it up to all of you, I have decided to dedicate this post to something that is near and dear to all girls hearts. The thing that can complete an outfit, and make you feel like a completely different person. Yes, I am talking about SHOES.

When I was little, I could have cared less about them. Give me twenty different outfits and one pair of shoes and I was the happiest girl in the world. Now that my style has been maturing, my attitude towards them has changed. As of recently, I own over 20 pairs of shoes which include flats, heels, sandals, and boots and my collection is growing quickly! I do have a hard time finding “the right shoe” though so I almost never purchase a pair unless they are perfect. In between all the craziness of these past two weeks, I managed to find time to squeeze in a little shopping and ending up buying not one, not two, but four pairs of shoes!

Found these at Salvation Army. Handmade in Spain. Label says Pappagallo. $4

Snagged the middle two from Payless. Got $5 off for buying the two pairs, total came out to be under $60. The last pair I found at a local store, Gala, for $23.

Aside from my purchases, one of my favorite fashion websites, Who What Wear, has informed me of two other great sites…just for shoes!

The first is a brand new line by Ivanka Trump. (You might know her father, Donald?)She is breaking out from under his shadow and starting a name for herself within the fashion industry. Ivanka Trump Footwear is divided into four different mini collections that are each equally gorgeous and chic. Though priced a little high for my normal spending range, I would definitely splurge to have a couple of her shoes in my closet!

The second, and equally fabulous website is JustFab.com. If you are a follower of WWW like myself, you have already been introduced to the awesomeness that is JustFab. If not, here’s why the website is so great: Once you register, the site will ask you a series of questions on your personal fashion tastes. It will then conjure up a list of shoes that fits your style, customized strictly to your wants and needs. Each month the website will change its options for you, which you can rate and change as you wish. Best part of all of this? Each and every pair are only $39.95 including shipping both ways!