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This past weekend was a nice balance of fun and relaxation. To start it off, I toured the AI student housing complex and school. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted all of the pictures I took at these places. I was a little underwhelmed with both, but here’s a more specified list on what I liked and didn’t like.


  • Very nice on the outside, good upkeep on landscape
  • Amenities include a big pool and jacuzzi, 3 tennis courts, and a small 24 hour gym
  • Each person gets their own decent sized closet
  • Close to the school

The Art InstituteLikes:

  • Laid-back atmosphere
  • Friendly staff
  • Two sewing labs
  • Able to rent out video/camera equipment for FREE
  • Tutors available


  • Small room sizes
  • Most furniture is wooden
  • No TV provided
  • Small kitchen
  • Apartments house 4 people total
  • “Clubhouse” closes at 6pm


  • Very small campus
  • Cafeteria was small and limited on food choices
  • The Palate is only open on Mondays and Tuesdays
  • Small classroom size
  • Seemed to focus on drawing more than clothing construction

I also found out that AI is only accredited by ACCSCT but is currently in the process of obtaining accreditation by WASC, which supports FIDM. This means that if I wanted to further my education and receive a Master’s at Parsons or FIT, I would most likely have to start my education all over again. This news was unsettling to say the least!

With the disappointment still lingering through the night, I attended the Alterna “IT” Fashion Show with low expectations. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the whole production. The hotel was beautiful, everyone was dressed up, there were professional photographers, and best of all, my friend and I were able to score good seats! Out of the ten or so collections shown, I only disliked three of them. Hope you all enjoy the pictures!



As you all know, I have been recently accepted into FIDM for their Professional Designation program as a Fashion Design major. Though this has been my dream school for years, I am constantly being reminded of the pressures of getting a Bachelor degree instead. I’m currently weighing my options and making many pro’s and con’s lists between attending FIDM or possibly going to another school. One in particular that I am considering is The Art Institute of San Diego. The Art Institutes are well-known and offer a variety of majors, including a Bachelor’s in Fashion Design. My boyfriend will be attending AI as a Culinary Arts major, so the thought of us able to attend the same school is one of the major pro’s for going there. We were able to tour the SF campus last year, and I was surprised with how high-tech and modern the buildings and equipment are. This weekend, I have been invited to attend the “IT” Fashion Show at Loews Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego. This annual fashion show showcases select collections from senior AI Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing and Management students. I will also be touring the campus and housing that is offered through AI. I am hoping this weekend will aid me in making a final decision between the two schools.

It is always important to get as much information as you can before making a big decision such as this. I have found out bad things about both schools lately, which has caused me to be weary. Read reviews from current and past students on Yelp. This has opened my eyes to all the smoke and mirrors colleges/institutions put up just to make you want to come to their school.


On a brighter note, I am currently working on a fun new scholarship project for AI. The project guidelines include: choosing a movie actress, drawing two unique design sketches(one casual and one red carpet look), and include an inspiration board and a one page typed letter explaining your choices. I decided to go with Emma Stone. Here is a little sample of what I have gathered so far… :

I hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day weekend!


(Top: Marshalls. Shorts and necklace: Forever 21. Shoes: Payless. Total cost of outfit: $53)


On a recent shopping outing, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a couple new classic pieces that I can easily incorporate into my everyday wardrobe. They are also perfect for that new “look” I’m going for as noted in the last post. Pictures coming soon!

In this past week, so much has happened. I was accepted into FIDM, and am now filling out the last bit of paperwork to complete my enrollment. My hopes are set on starting in July at the LA campus, which is coming up really fast! I received a package in the mail today with a cute FIDM signature tote bag,new student guide, and my official acceptance letter. This whole process is almost surreal, but I am excited for the new experiences and knowledge that are heading my way.


The 1950’s were an influential time during American history. They gave birth to classic films, rock ‘n’ roll, and pop art. It is a common theme in fashion to look back and take ideas from past trends and modernize them for todays looks. I have been looking to this particular period for the classic beauty and styles made famous by Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and of course pin-ups. Since I have just graduated college, I am looking to update my classy-cute look into something more mature. No one epitomizes a sexy yet classy style quite like pin-up girls.

(Images courtesy of Google)


I have also noticed that many fashion designers are referencing this era is recent ads:

(From top to bottom: Look from the Elle Contemporary collection at Kohls, Kate Moss for Dior Addict, Guess Spring 11 Ad)

What era or era’s do you reference when creating your personal style?