The 1950’s were an influential time during American history. They gave birth to classic films, rock ‘n’ roll, and pop art. It is a common theme in fashion to look back and take ideas from past trends and modernize them for todays looks. I have been looking to this particular period for the classic beauty and styles made famous by Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and of course pin-ups. Since I have just graduated college, I am looking to update my classy-cute look into something more mature. No one epitomizes a sexy yet classy style quite like pin-up girls.

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I have also noticed that many fashion designers are referencing this era is recent ads:

(From top to bottom: Look from the Elle Contemporary collection at Kohls, Kate Moss for Dior Addict, Guess Spring 11 Ad)

What era or era’s do you reference when creating your personal style?