My love of thrifting is fairly new, but it’s a strong one! Almost every time I venture to these stores, I am lucky enough to score a couple of really great bargains. On a recent outing to Goodwill, I almost gave up looking for something to buy when I found these two jems in a matter of seconds apart!

Navy, F21 lace crop top with zipper in back $12.99

Black, long-sleeve Versace blouse with diagonal lace stripes. $15.99

The cost for each of these items was a little more than what I normally pay for a thrift find, but I couldn’t pass them up! I am forever in debt to Michelle who found the Versace shirt. We both couldn’t believe our eyes, and I still can’t! I admit, it is a little big on me, but I am determined to wear this beautiful shirt anyways. For now though, it will have to stay tucked in my closet until some cooler days come around.

I decided to go to one more store, a larger-than-usual Salvation Army that I’ve had luck at a few times before. That is where I scored this:

It’s a simple, light tan bag that can be worn over the shoulder or across the body. Not too big, not too small, and for only $4, not too pricey either! More pictures here.

Happy thrifting!