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It seems as though I am still getting a lot of viewers on this blog even though I have not posted in a very long time! Since it is acquiring so much traffic, I am deciding to share a few more links with you all.

  1. The first is my new blog site(yes, again!). Please go here to see new posts each week.
  2. The second and third are recent additions, but are still relevant to the things I blog about. I now have jumped on the Tumblr train! See mine here. I post everything from fashion, to the arts, and anything that catches my eye and makes me laugh.
  3. I now also have a LOOKBOOK account! See my outfits here. Make sure you leave some love…I could really use some encouraging feedback/advice about my posts.



After giving some thought about switching blog websites, I have decided to continue my blog on Blogspot. It seems like it would suit my topic of fashion better. If you would still like to be updated about my posts, please subscribe to it here!


Dealing with the heat is never an easy task. Summer requires a change in wardrobe, hair, and makeup routine. Even then, the hot temps still manage to sometimes degrade our well-planned, and cute summery looks. Living in the Arizona heat(try highs of 114+), getting your makeup to stay on is a difficult task I faced daily. I finally got tired of wasting my makeup with retouch after retouch, so I looked around for some “anti-sweat” products to help keep my face on. Out of the few that people said actually worked, I decided to order MAC‘s FIX+ Spray:

At only $10, it is $3 cheaper* than Urban Decay’s “De-Slick” oil control spray(At Sephora*. Online-$29). However, with tax and shipping, my total came out to be slightly over $15.

I did my normal makeup routine this morning, but skipped my usual primer. After all my makeup was finished, I sprayed three small pumps across my face, making sure it set everything. Two hours later at lunch, and after driving through the heat with no A/C for about 15 minutes, the majority of my makeup was still on. I decided to touch up just a little, but did not use the setting spray this time. I finally came home three hours later, and about another 20-30 minutes of driving in the heat, and my makeup looked just as fresh as is it did right after my touch-up! I have only used this product for one day, but I think I can safely say I will definitely be purchasing this for months and months to come.

Verdict?: BUY!

What “beat-the-heat” products do you use that help keep your makeup on during the summer months?


(Shirt, Skirt, and Necklace-All F21. $12.99, $7.50, $5.50. Sandals-Wal-Mart. $Unknown. Total Cost-About $40.00)

For the Holiday on Monday, I met up with a couple of friends to watch the fireworks, eat watermelon(with Tajin of course!), play with sparklers, and went bowling(which I kicked butt at!).

What did everyone else do to celebrate?


I have had a couple of small projects I’ve been meaning to do throughout the last couple of months, and I finally have the extra time to do them! The first one is a laptop case for a friend of mine that was inspired by this book:

I will be posting a tutorial at the end of this week showing the finished(and slightly altered) finished project.

The next DIY was inspired by this picture I found in a magazine:

The simplicity of the shape with the fun, glamorous stripes of sequins, make it a perfect staple for summer. I’m using an old thrift find and doing my own twist on the idea that I can dress up or down all season long. The finished product might take a while since I am having to hand sew all of the sequins on.

More projects are already starting in my mind after finding this new book on a recent trip to JoAnn’s:

(DIY Book. Price- Orignally- $24.95, with coupon- $12.47)

The clothing items in the book are super cute and it even comes with a helpful CD. I also snagged these items while I was there since I had a couple of coupons on hand:

(A pair of Gingher scissors I bought as a gift to myself for getting into FIDM. Already 50% off. Price-$10.99)

(A bag of multi-colored sequins for the DIY project I mentioned above. Price-$3.99)

(An Ironing Blanket that will come in handy when pressing fabric. Price- Originally $12.99, with coupon- $7.99)

Can’t beat a good bargain! I hope everyone has a safe and fun Independence Day.