I have had a couple of small projects I’ve been meaning to do throughout the last couple of months, and I finally have the extra time to do them! The first one is a laptop case for a friend of mine that was inspired by this book:

I will be posting a tutorial at the end of this week showing the finished(and slightly altered) finished project.

The next DIY was inspired by this picture I found in a magazine:

The simplicity of the shape with the fun, glamorous stripes of sequins, make it a perfect staple for summer. I’m using an old thrift find and doing my own twist on the idea that I can dress up or down all season long. The finished product might take a while since I am having to hand sew all of the sequins on.

More projects are already starting in my mind after finding this new book on a recent trip to JoAnn’s:

(DIY Book. Price- Orignally- $24.95, with coupon- $12.47)

The clothing items in the book are super cute and it even comes with a helpful CD. I also snagged these items while I was there since I had a couple of coupons on hand:

(A pair of Gingher scissors I bought as a gift to myself for getting into FIDM. Already 50% off. Price-$10.99)

(A bag of multi-colored sequins for the DIY project I mentioned above. Price-$3.99)

(An Ironing Blanket that will come in handy when pressing fabric. Price- Originally $12.99, with coupon- $7.99)

Can’t beat a good bargain! I hope everyone has a safe and fun Independence Day.



My love of thrifting is fairly new, but it’s a strong one! Almost every time I venture to these stores, I am lucky enough to score a couple of really great bargains. On a recent outing to Goodwill, I almost gave up looking for something to buy when I found these two jems in a matter of seconds apart!

Navy, F21 lace crop top with zipper in back $12.99

Black, long-sleeve Versace blouse with diagonal lace stripes. $15.99

The cost for each of these items was a little more than what I normally pay for a thrift find, but I couldn’t pass them up! I am forever in debt to Michelle who found the Versace shirt. We both couldn’t believe our eyes, and I still can’t! I admit, it is a little big on me, but I am determined to wear this beautiful shirt anyways. For now though, it will have to stay tucked in my closet until some cooler days come around.

I decided to go to one more store, a larger-than-usual Salvation Army that I’ve had luck at a few times before. That is where I scored this:

It’s a simple, light tan bag that can be worn over the shoulder or across the body. Not too big, not too small, and for only $4, not too pricey either! More pictures here.

Happy thrifting!


(Tank top-FACI $9.99, Shorts and Belt-F21 $10.80 & $3.50, Shoes-Payless $23, Necklace-F21 $5.50, Bag-Salvation Army $4.00, Sunnies-Wal-mart $6. Nails-Essie “Sand Tropez” $4, Martha Stewart Gold Glitter $3.50. Total cost= $70.29)

It’s been in the 100’s+ this past weekend, so I threw on this outfit composed of lightweight fabrics. I recently found this bag on a successful thrifting hunt and was a steal at $4! It has plenty of compartments and goes with everything. The overall neutralization of the outfit happened to be a complete coincidence. My nails were done a few days back after finding Essie’s “French Affair” Collection on sale at Walgreens for half off. The gold thumb nails were done after seeing this post. Using loose glitter instead of an actual glitter nail polish allows for a wider variety of pretty nail combinations. It also stays on great with a clear top coat!


I wanted to dedicate this post to my best friend who has recently joined the blogging world on WordPress.com. She’s into beauty(makeup, nails, etc), and will be posting about that aspect of fashion. Read her blog here!

(Dress-COCO $32, Belt-F21 $Free with skirt, Earrings-Claires $?. Total cost of outfit: About $40)

Created by using:


I think it is very important to be in the know and up to date with fashion and the trends that are constantly changing each season. It is also crucial to know how to make the trends work for you and your style. To me, this is the crucial element in creating a successful personal style.

As you all can tell, I am definitely for the bright and bold color trend that is gaining popularity this season. There are some other fashion movements that hit the runways and are now hitting the streets, such as:

  • Black and white speckled/polka dot print
  • 70’s retro
  • Tribal print skirts
  • Flat sandals
  • Animal screen print/patterned tees

Some of these ideas aren’t things I would normally look for in a store. Instead, here is how I would translate them to work for me:

This black and white speckled dress is fun, edgy, and perfect for summer.

This romper by Max Mara and swimsuit from Victoria’s Secret are a nod to the classic 50’s era. Verdict? TRY!


A floppy hat and feather earrings bring a retro vibe to your outfit without completely transporting you back to the 70’s. Verdict? TRY IN SMALL DOSES!

 This neutral swimsuit cover up and sheer crop top are subtle ways to incorporate the tribal print trend into your wardrobe. Verdict? TRY IN SMALL DOSES!

Sandals are the staple of summer, come in all different colors and styles, and best of all, are super comfortable! Verdict? TRY!

Though the animal print trend is still going strong through summer, celebs have taken this idea to the next level by wearing actual animals on their clothing. I think this is a ridiculous trend that shouldn’t be resurrected from those Navajo wolf tees seen on racks and racks at Goodwill.      Verdict? DON’T TRY!